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Morse Code Resources
For those that want a great structured approach to learning and improving their code. I can heartily endorse Chuck Adams, K7QO Code Course. Chuck has kindly allowed me to mirror a copy of the ISO for his course here. Chuck Adams' Code Course - ver 4.0 Also grab the md5sum.txt file to verify the integrety of your ISO download.
Chuck's home page was at (currently offline)

FISTS is The International Morse Preservation Society. FISTS exists to further the use of CW on the amateur bands, to encourage newcomers to the CW mode and to engender friendship within the membership.

The North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC) holds regular QRS (slow speed) nets. Check out NAQCC on the web for more info

The Northwest Country Cousins meet each day on or near the frequency of 3968 KHz at 7:00 PM pacific local time.
NWCC Mission Statement - The Country Cousins Net is an international group of amateur radio operators recognized by the ARRL and dedicated to serve and help our fellow man. We are not a traffic handling net but we will handle any emergency traffic without delay. Our motto: Service and help to all mankind. When in need, call a country cousin.

Sparkgap History as compiled by John S Belrose. Some interesting history along with the sounds of sparkgap CW and phone transmissions (simulated in the lab since we are no longer able to transmit with spark transmitters)

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